Small Dog Play Session

Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

For social dogs Cavalier size and smaller


Bring your dog to play in our safe enclosed indoor activity area and outdoor dog park.   Have a hot or cold drink and snack while chatting  with other owners then let your dog play with other social dogs.


All dogs will be assessed to ensure they are happy in group play. 

Rules for play
All dogs will be assessed for suitability either during play session or by arrangement.  A note will be kept of dogs microchip details.  Dogs will be scanned before entry to identify them.
Dogs must be on lead and under control in all areas of the Centre and surrounding carparks except the activity area and dog park.  While you are eating or drinking your dog should be encouraged and rewarded for settling beside you.
Owners must be present and supervising their own dogs play when off lead in the activity area and dog park.   Only cold drinks are allowed in these areas no hot drinks or food for the dogs safety.
You are responsible for your own dogs behaviour and all dogs should have third party insurance in case of incident.    Like children occasionally they can argue with each other and owners must accept this as a risk of group play.  
Should you prefer a small group play session or single dog session please ask us about it.