Not all dogs can qualify as Assistant dogs.

Some may find crowds and people too much or other dogs too scary however most dogs can be trained to help you around the house and out on walks.   


You may also need a dog that can help several members of the family rather than a dog that is qualified for one person.

You may not have a disability that would qualify you for an assistance dog but a dog trained to help you would make life a lot easier.

You may be a Mum to a child with difficulties and a dog could help you grab your bag and keys while you help your child.   If you have a child that is a wandering risk then a dog could be trained to track them if they do wander. 

Family support dogs can be trained to pick things up for you, to go and get things for you, to go and get help, to hit the mecs button if you don't have your button on you, to alert you to noises if your hearing is failing, to comfort you if anxious, to distract you from self harm behaviour and even to alert your to high and low blood sugar.  In fact all the things an assistance dog can do and more!

Family support dogs are not a charity or affiliated with AD-UK however by law an assistance dog does not have to come from either.   If you have a disability that an assistance dog can do three specific tasks to help and your dog is suitable for public access work then discuss with Sheilagh how you can document and prove your training to allow you public access.