John Goodwin
​Director, Finance Manager
and Trainee Trainer


John has been training with Sheilagh since August 2017 and has been adding to his knowledge  by attending various courses over the past couple of years.   As well as being involved in classes, daycare and the lunch bunch he is also a Director of the K9 Centre and in charge of the shop and money side of things.


​He has a current canine first aid certificate and have attended IMDT courses on Happy Recallers to teach people to train their dog to come back when called, Happy Loose Leaders on getting dogs to walk nicely on a loose lead and the IMDT 2 day course on Career as a Dog Trainer.   Currently in classes at the Centre as a Trainee Trainer and hopes to qualify as a Dog Trainer in Autumn 2019 after doing the IMDT 4 day course and taking their member Assessment.  He is enjoying it all so has not yet decided which area to specialise in.


​He is also a Baptist minister and runs a small Church, the Longcroft Baptist Church. The Church meets at the Centre on Sunday mornings at 11am.    He was on the committee of Falkirk Autistic Bairns for several years and their Chairman for one year and was also on the committee and assisted running the Friday night youth club in the Archibald Russell Centre in Dennyloanhead.