Sheilagh Goodwin

​Director, Head Trainer and Behaviourist

Sheilagh Goodwin (nee Wilson) has been dog training since she was 9 years old and attended local classes with her cairn terrier Bobby.  In her teens she trained her GSD Tweed and in the early 90s her two collies Zak and Itsy.  One was a rescue with severe dog and people aggression and helping her got Sheilagh first studying behaviour as well as training. She is what is called a cross over trainer.  The original club she trained at with all these dogs used old fashioned methods of pushing, pulling and yanking dogs on choke chains.  She was trained up as a trainer at the club using these methods.


While studying training and behaviour with her collies she discovered motivational training and when she discovered clicker training in 1996 she never looked back.  She parted company with that first club and started her own club teaching clicker training.  From one hour one night a week when it started The club grew over 10 years to running 3 nights and one afternoon seeing up to 100 dogs a week for basic classes, fun classes and behavioural modification programmes.  During this time she attended most of renowned dog behaviourist John Rogerson's  4 day courses covering teaching and training, puppy behaviour, behavioural issues and dog aggression.   She attended a week long course with Sylvia Bishop who won Crufts obedience several times.    She  had a week with Roy Hunter and Terry Ryan looking at motivational ways to train and  was assessed and accepted for membership of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

​She married in 2005 and closed the dog club as was starting a family.   She did one to ones on occasion and ran classes to train a friend in 2015.   Two years ago she  became interested in assistance dog training and restarted her dog career.   Along side the training  worked for 25 years as a trained nurse so understands and enjoys the people side of assistance dog training as well as the dog side of it.

​The past year she has studied and passed the Institute of Modern Dog Training (IMDT) membership assessment being offered full membership after passing with 80% plus.   She is also on the Kennel Club Accredited Trainer scheme and is working towards accreditation at the moment.  She has attended various workshops and in April 2017 attended the School of Canine Sciences Superdog course and passed their assessment to be a Superdogs trainer for training rescue dogs in assistance dog tasks.  She also only have a few modules to complete to qualify as a hearing dog trainer.  She is  also a volunteer trainer and assessor for Canine Generated Independence (CGI) as well as training my own dog with them as an assistance dog  to help me when my fibromyalgia and other conditions flare up.   


For the future she plans to run classes teaching both companion dog, fun classes and assistance dog training both classes and one to ones.   She would also like to start a club for children with additional needs or emotional difficulties to work with their pets as therapy and in some cases going on to qualify as assistance dogs for them.