Tuesday Evenings 6pm


Learning how to train your dog for the tasks they need as an assistance dog.

Specific tasks such as medical alert, autism support, hearing dog and physical task.

General public access preparation.

Dogs must be able to complete tasks to mitigate their handlers disability to be an assistance dog.   

The Equalities Act covers assistance dogs.  While dogs do not have to pass any tests by law we encourage handlers to train their dog to pass the Kennel Club Gold Canine Good Citizen Assessment then have an independent assessor do a public access test.   

Initial assessment session and training block £120    Ongoing hourly classes are £32 a month for one class a week paid by subscription.

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Wednesday Evenings 6pm & 7pm


Six week course starting regularly.   

For pups from completing their vaccinations up to 6-9 months depending on size .

Learn all the puppy foundation training in a new, fun and motivational format. One to one training on the exercises with the benefits of socialisation of other pups in the class. 


​Classes cover loose lead walking, recalls, sit, stand and down or stays depending on pup's stage every week plus alternating sessions on play, fun and games,  owner handling and grooming and vet handling preparation.  We cover the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award which you get on completing your course.

Online teachable modules compliment your in person training and allow you to start at home before your in person classes start.

Puppy course £120

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Thursday Evenings from 6-9pm

Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes

Work towards your Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold Canine Good Citizen Awards

Kind , modern methods that works for all breeds and sizes of dog not just the traditional dog club working breeds.

Initial assessment session and block £120    Ongoing hourly classes £32 a month for one class a week paid by subscription       

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