Dog Daycare


Fully licensed and insured

With us your dog can play with friends

Playing and exploring our indoor activity hall

and our outdoor garden

They can chill and enjoy some quiet time

So they go home relaxed  and happy

Day care for the days you are working long hours, for the times you may not be fit to exercise your dog, for the dogs that are bored or need to have fun with friends.   What ever your reason its important your know that your dog is in a safe and secure setting that has been designed with them in mind.  That the staff caring for them are dedicated, enthusiastic, trained in dog first aid, training and behaviour. That their timetable with us includes rest times as well as fun activities as a group and some individual time spent doing the things they enjoy and need.


Core activity times for full day dogs are 9am-12md and 2pm-5pm.  Dogs may be dropped off from 8am (7am by arrangement) and must be collected by 6pm.  Full days start at £25 for one day per week dropping to £20 for 5 days per week.  Day care is open Monday to Friday.  Half Day mornings run to 1pm and half day afternoons start at 1pm and these cost £15 per session.


As an alternative to dog walking your dog could be enjoying our Lunch Bunch play session.  Your dog will be picked up between 12md-1pm and dropped off between 1pm and 2pm after having a minimum of 1 hours play at the Centre as well as having comfort breaks. £10 per session.


To organise day care for your dog just get in touch.  We will arrange for an initial visit for you to look around, get to know us and ask any questions.  At the same time we will start building a bond with your dog.  We will then get you to complete our online registration form and upload a copy of your dogs vaccination certificate.  (we do not accept homeopathic alternatives but will accept a vets titre test results showing immunity). 

We will then book your dog in for an initial 1 hour session where your leave them to allow us to assess your dogs interaction with others and see how comfortable they are with us and in a group setting.  If they have enjoyed the hour we will then book them for a half days day care.   All being well they can then be scheduled onto the days you need.  For safety and insurance purposes we cannot allow owners in the activity area while day care is open but you can watch your dog from the office area windows to see how they are doing on your return for them. Guidelines are that dogs should attend regualrly at least one half day per week to allow them to settle and bond with staff and other attendees.  Dogs who need more time will continue on short visits for a short period to see if we can help them become more comfortable however not all dogs are going to enjoy a group setting and in a few cases we may recommend dog walking or other solutions for them. 



Dogs over 1 year old either need to be neutered or have a letter from their vet giving a reason for the dog not being neutered until older (this may be large breeds maturing later/allowing the dog to mature fully mentally and physically or other valid reasons).   We will also accept a vets letter that a dog has been chemically neutered if it states the period it should be effective for.

This price reduces the more days a week your dog attends and/or if you have a second dog.

There are also additional extras you can add to your package such as pick up and drop off, regular baths, nail trims, grooming, routine vet visits for inoculations, specific training required.   Packages can totally bespoke.

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